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Up and Running!

Welcome to our new website and blog! We’re excited to kick-off the new year with a whole bunch of exciting news, which includes this completely new website. There’s more content to come, so make sure to subscribe to our SGNT Newsletter and check back on the site and blog frequently to stay up-to-date.

We have our fantastic team and amazing community to thank for where we are now. With that in mind, we have a few specific topics we have focused on in creating this new site:

  • Explain our technology and innovations
  • Discuss and explore the current and possible applications of our platform
  • Demonstrate who we are as a company and a team

In addition to website content, we will also be posting regularly to our blog. The blog is intended to have a more person feel to it, and will focus in on some specific tops:

  • Our progress and technological development and applications
  • Our viewpoint on counterfeiting and tampering solutions
  • Our journey as a Startup company founded in Tucson, AZ

Finally, we are on a continuous journey of improvement. We’re always open to questions / comments / concerns / feedback, so please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form at the bottom of every page (yes we check it!).

Tommy R
January 28, 2019
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