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Team and Community – Part 2

In my last post, Team and Community – Part 1, I discussed the start of our journey into the community. Simply stated, this was accomplished by persistently networking. One of the gems we learned during this process – is to share. Nothing is more obnoxious to me than going to an event and having someone shove their profession into my ears and their business card into my hand. My approach? Ask questions and listen! I have found it much more productive to engage in conversation and let people become intrigued with what you’re working on.

This also means having a “giving” attitude and approach. When we started engaging in the community, we didn’t simply look to find what we could “get” out of it – we wanted to be part of the community and contribute. This has revealed an amazing interconnected and helpful ecosystem in Tucson. Taking this path has led us directly to finding our village.

Finding our village has led us to discover our founding team, an amazing group of advisors and mentors, access to Startup resources, and support of the community. While the list of contributors is long (and I’m sure I would forget plenty and get in trouble), I still want to mention a few organizations that have reached out to us along our starting journey:

Startup Tucson

Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

Arizona Technology Council

Tucson Business Networking, LLC

Tommy R
January 30, 2019
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