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A Quick Founder's Story - Part 4

Jack, the stolen iPad, and the inspiration for the solution I have been discussing is what ultimately led us to the start of our journey.

When we take Jack’s story and apply the solution, we get a radically different outcome. What if we apply our packaging seal to the iPad at the very start at the manufacturing facility? What we get is digital proof of authenticity that can be proven at any point in the supply chain.

In this hypothetical scenario when Jack goes to buy his next iPad, he can walk into any vendor on the planet, pickup the Apple box, scan the box with his phone, and know with certainty he is getting a real product. This is the break-through of our digital tamper-evident seals, they provide two critical pieces of information:

1. The packaging is authentic – It’s a real Apple product

2. The contents are unaltered – the box has been sealed (unopened) since the factory

This is what Emil shared with me back in 2017, and I got it right away. He explained this story to me, and then sketched out the concept for our technology on a piece of scratch paper on my kitchen counter. The idea was too good to not act on, and we decided to create a business around it. Shortly thereafter we formed SGNT, filed our initial patent application, and hit the ground running.

There’s a lot that’s happened between then and now, but if I discussed it all now, I wouldn’t have more material for another blog post!

Tommy R
February 12, 2019
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