The G
means genuine.
SGNT technology significantly reduces the financial loss and brand damage caused by product counterfeiting and tampering. Scanning the patent-pending SGNT packaging seal with our simple smartphone app digitally proves the product authentic and unaltered.

What the tech does

We have created the first and only single-platform low-cost solution to successfully prove the authenticity of goods. Our patent-pending technology creates a barrier (or wrap) around or within a package, seal, or container which can encompass the entire packaging. This barrier can detect with certainty if it has ever been cut or tampered, and once it has been tampered, it cannot be re-assembled. Our innovation significantly enhances industry standard Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, which records and wirelessly reports the tamper event to any authorized parties.


Counterfeiting is a massive global problem – now estimated at $1.2 Trillion annually and is expected to hit $1.8 trillion by 2020. Everyone on the planet is affected; causing loss of quality of life, direct loss of life, and significant economic loss. Approximately 1 million deaths per year are attributed to fake drugs and the counterfeit pharmaceutical market is estimated at $200 Billion. Manufacturers, brand owners, and governments alike are investing in methods and technologies to combat this problem, yet it continues to grow in severity and breadth.

No combination of existing anti-counterfeiting solutions has been capable of proving product authenticity and have done very little to reduce counterfeiting. Existing solutions, at best, can prove the label or package is real. SGNT is the only solution that can actually prove the authenticity and integrity of the contents.

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Using SGNT Technology is Easy

SGNT is the ONLY Platform to digitally prove Authenticity and Integrity

Pharmaceutical Authenticity

The global pharmaceutical black market has erupted into a $200 billion illicit industry with no real solution in sight. This has led to a massive loss of health, life, and an alarming increase in anti-biotic resistance.

Luxury Goods Authenticity

Fake luxury and apparel items present itself as one of the most common and lucrative markets for counterfeiters. Counterfeiting of high-end consumer goods has resulted in an estimated loss of $98 billion with nearly one-third from internet sales.

Shipping & Logistics

Every year more than 1.83 billion metric tons of goods worth over $12 trillion moves across the seas. Theft, security, and smuggling are constant challenges and cargo theft/loss alone result in an annual loss of $50 billion to the industry.


The integrity and authenticity of any object involved in a Chain-of-Custody is a concern to all stakeholders involved. While we typically think of crime scene evidence collected by law enforcement, this challenge presents itself to anything changing hands. Current methods rely on human trust and can be prone to error.
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